Warby Parker Home Try On

I’ve had the same pair of glasses since 2009, so I thought it was time to get a new pair. I’ve had friends recommend Warby Parker and I finally took them up on it. My friend, Maria, and I are looking for a new pair at the same time, so we decide to do the try on program together. That way we got to try on 10 pairs instead of just 5. What’s so great about Warby Parker is you can try on the frames you’re considering in the comfort of your own home. That way you can get opinions of your friends and family. Plus, if you’re like me, check out if they go with what’s in your closet.
Maria and I worked together to make sure that we didn’t order the same pair and that we got ones we both like. This way we didn’t waste time on duplicates and since we have similar taste in frames it was easy. After we made our selections online, we placed an order for our free at home trial.
The frames arrived in less than a week and I tried them on as soon as I got home from work. I sent quick bathroom selfies to my friends. Out of the 5 I received, I only liked one. My goal was to get the biggest sized frames I could since that’s what I’m digging right now. Maria and I had a “photo shoot” the weekend we had with the glasses. See below but a full review:

So this first pair here is the one I initially liked the best. Their name is Winston. Like I said before, I wanted the biggest frames available and I really liked that these were chunky too. I think they look super stylish.
This second pair, I included for comparison. I like that they are big but I think the thinner plastic makes them look dated. A la Sally Jessy Raphael. No go.

The last pair is the winning pair. This is one Maria ordered and it’s called Finch. The frames are bigger then my current pair, but what I liked most about these, is they have a slight cat eye look to them. Plus I love that combined with the leopard looking print. I think they look fabulous!

I’m getting ready to order these, just have to get my prescription and insurance ready. Be prepared for some more photos with these bad boys.