Outfit Post #9

With winter in full effect, I finally pulled out my bin of sweaters I packed away in May. I have a pretty nice sweater collection and most, conveniently, look great with leggings. Today’s outfit post is the opposite of that, a great look that’s just as comfy as leggings but takes a little more effort.

  First, I got to talk about this sweater. I got it from one of my many TJ Maxx shopping sprees. I go in that store so many times, just to look. Especially if I feel like my closet needs a new article added to it. I rarely come back from these excursions empty handed. A recent trip to my favorite store didn’t disappoint, this sweater was only $16.99! The length is very on trend this winter and I’m personally always attracted to a geometric/Aztec print. I love throwing this sweater on for an impromptu dinner with the girls because it’s an instant outfit. Here’s some similar styles: | one | two | three |

  These jeans are super wide flared and I love the look of them. I feel like a 1970’s rock star when I wear them. I got them clearance shopping at the American Eagle outlet for less than $10. I’m excited about the prospect of flares coming back, I blame my millennial youth. These jeans are very comfortable and have a lot of stretch without losing shape. I think AE has some of the best affordable denim out there.

  Now these shoes make me look deceivingly tall and I love it. I’m just short enough that all jeans are a little too long and I needs some heel to lift me up. These are actually pretty comfortable to walk in since there’s decent sized platform in front. Plus, I think they add to my rock star status.

  This necklace is from where I get most of my accessories, Francesca’s. I bought it years ago as a final piece to a birthday outfit and have ended up wearing it quite often. I like that it’s grey because it’s super neutral and I think more interesting than just black.

Thank you to Angela for taking all my photos. You can find her at Photos By Mariposa.


Outfit Post #1

The inspiration behind this outfit was to mix casual with formal or grungy with frilly. I picked up this skirt from Lauren Conrad’s LC collection for Kohl’s. It was part of her Cinderella collection which is, sadly, no longer available. I lucked out and got this pretty little thing on sale. One left in my size!? Heck yes! Unfortunately it’s not available for purchase but I found something similar here and here. One of the things that attracted me to this skirt is that it reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw. I think I’ve subconsciously been looking for a pink tulle skirt for the better part of ten years. (For those of you doing the math, I was not at an appropriate age to watch the show when it premiered.) When I saw this I bought it without even thinking about it. I was on a mission to get outfits to post about and this sorta just fell into my lap. But then what to pair it with?


A jean jacket would be so cute! Do you agree? I love the idea of combining a jean jacket with a pretty dress or skirt. It instantly makes it a great day time look. Now, the only thing about jean jackets (for me) is the fit. I’ve never found one that doesn’t make me look totally square. The sleeves are always, always tight in the shoulders so I end up going up a size. I think you can tell in the pictures that it’s a little large. It’s also from high school when I was a little more “hammy”. But there’s something that looks very punk rock about a jean jacket. And if you lean in I’ll tell you a secret… I was a bit of a poser in high school. I even cut out the American Eagle label on this very jacket because, like, I would never shop there. And now it’s one of my favorite places to shop. Go figure. American Eagle has not stopped selling jean jackets (probably never will). Shop here.


And of course nothing compliments a good jean jacket like a pair of converse. These ones are great because they are slip-ons. I never tied or untied them anyway. While this pair is not from high school, converse were definitely a staple for me then too. If you like the idea of slip-ons pick them up here.


My favorite piece of this whole outfit is this necklace. I got it at Francesca’s Collections. One of my favorite stores and one of the (many) places I’ve worked. I could spend all day going through their jewelry and when I worked there that’s just what I did. This necklace is actually a few years old, I picked it up while shopping with my mom. She’s great to shop with but she’s very encouraging on buying something I don’t need. Results in a lot of buyer’s remorse. Not with this pendant stunner though! I remember being in the store with my mom and showing it to her, asking if I should get it. While I was contemplating it my mom informed me, very loudly that: “You better get it Mandi. This girl here is eyeing it and it’s the last one.” Haha. My mom’s vocal and everyone in the store found out. Anyway I think it’s the perfect cherry on top of this spring ensemble. I couldn’t find the exact one but all the necklaces at that store are so great! Here is something similar.


So this is my welcome spring day time look. Whaddya think? No trail beyond this point #endpost


All of my pictures were taken by my friend, Angela. Check out her website Photos By Mariposa or her own blog.