February Wrap Up

Long time, no blog! I was hibernating for the winter. Yea, that’s my excuse. Anyway I wanted to do a little post to wrap up everything that’s been going on this month.

First things first, my life off whole 30 has not been a continuation of all things healthy. I learn that I do well when I have strict rules to abide by. I’ve really been indulging and can’t seem to get on track. This weekend I’m celebrating three birthdays and I’m going out to eat for all of them. I went from on my way to “not so Hammy” to “hammy, Hammy”.

I really want to get to a comfortable weight because I got that bridesmaid dress to wear. Amber picked one at David’s Bridal this month and I’d love to be in a size (or, dare I say, 2 sizes) smaller than I am now. I really need to buckle down, March might be another whole 30. I also might be going on a beach vacation this spring. I’m still working out the details with my girl friends, but bikini ready I want to be!

I also went to the annual Brite Winter fest last weekend. The weather was gorgeous here in Cleveland, which was perfect because the festival is held outside. I was really excited to go because it was so nice out (which it rarely is in February) and it was free. The festival is an excuse to get outside despite the weather and usually it’s miserably cold this time of year. I’ve gone to Brite a few times and I usually need my heaviest snow boots and warmest jacket. This year, I had to bundle up for sure, but with more flexibility to be cute. It was worth my while to “do my hair” and wear my prettiest warm weather accessories.

The fest was held down in The Flats so there was a mix of venues, inside and outside. It was awesome to watch some bands under the bridge and then watch the next one inside while your toes warmed up. I got to see Seafair for the first time and they were great. I’ve heard that they were good and I’m so glad I got to be introduced to them live. I’m such a fan of a badass front woman with super strong vocals. Check out their super cute Clue inspired video below:

I also saw Honeybucket for the first time. One of my friends is a big fan, I don’t know how it took me so long to see them. The put on a great show, lots of fun. Although, they started after midnight and I was running low on energy by that point. I’m officially old.

Quick summary: Brite landed on the perfect weekend and is worth checking out next year, even if it’s snowing.

I have big goals for March. I want to blog more, work on my jewelry, whole 30 it up, and plan a bachelorette weekend. Stay tuned, I want to share it all with you.


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