Outfit Post #9

With winter in full effect, I finally pulled out my bin of sweaters I packed away in May. I have a pretty nice sweater collection and most, conveniently, look great with leggings. Today’s outfit post is the opposite of that, a great look that’s just as comfy as leggings but takes a little more effort.

  First, I got to talk about this sweater. I got it from one of my many TJ Maxx shopping sprees. I go in that store so many times, just to look. Especially if I feel like my closet needs a new article added to it. I rarely come back from these excursions empty handed. A recent trip to my favorite store didn’t disappoint, this sweater was only $16.99! The length is very on trend this winter and I’m personally always attracted to a geometric/Aztec print. I love throwing this sweater on for an impromptu dinner with the girls because it’s an instant outfit. Here’s some similar styles: | one | two | three |

  These jeans are super wide flared and I love the look of them. I feel like a 1970’s rock star when I wear them. I got them clearance shopping at the American Eagle outlet for less than $10. I’m excited about the prospect of flares coming back, I blame my millennial youth. These jeans are very comfortable and have a lot of stretch without losing shape. I think AE has some of the best affordable denim out there.

  Now these shoes make me look deceivingly tall and I love it. I’m just short enough that all jeans are a little too long and I needs some heel to lift me up. These are actually pretty comfortable to walk in since there’s decent sized platform in front. Plus, I think they add to my rock star status.

  This necklace is from where I get most of my accessories, Francesca’s. I bought it years ago as a final piece to a birthday outfit and have ended up wearing it quite often. I like that it’s grey because it’s super neutral and I think more interesting than just black.

Thank you to Angela for taking all my photos. You can find her at Photos By Mariposa.


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