New Year, New Hammy

Get ready for the New Year, new Hammy post! I’m feeling very ambitious this week I’m making a to-do list for the year, while I’m optimistic.

1. Save Money – So original, right? I’m respecting my spending freeze for the whole month of January. So far, so good. But last time I did a spending freeze I broke halfway through the month. This past weekend I had a lot of fun without spending money. My friend is engaged to someone who works at a movie theater so they get tickets for free. She and I went to see Sisters, so funny. Afterwards, we had a game night with her fiancé. I really love a game nights because it’s always fun and you can learn a lot about your friends, not to mention it’s free. Then on Sunday, I met a friend for coffee and some girl talk. I got a gift card for Christmas, so while not technically free, I didn’t have to spend money. After that I meal prepped for the week (which I’ll get to next) and then had dinner at my parents. The lesson this weekend was, if you have good company you don’t need to spend money.

2. The most popular New Year’s resolution: lose weight. I feel like I’m always on a diet or cheating on said diet. I would love to become comfortable with food so I can just eat and not think about calories, fat, ugh. Since I’m not there yet, I’m starting to try Whole 30. My friends have tried it and said they lost weight and felt great. I’m finding it really hard to stay compliant in every meal. You have to read every label and I still don’t feel like I’m buying the right things. I guess I can say I’m paying a lot of attention to what I’m eating with the intention of being Whole 30. I started on the 2nd but I have slipped a few times when I’m eating food prepared by someone else. I might be eating something made with butter, not clarified butter, but at least I’m not adding ketchup, sour cream, or cheese to everything, right? I know that that’s not Whole 30, but I’m trying. I guess we’ll call this a trail run for now. I spent most of Sunday getting meals ready for the week. I made some egg “muffins” and chili.

3. Focus on starting my own business. No job has ever made me happy. All I want is to own my own retail store. I’m not sure how I’ll get there, but this year I’m going to find out. I’m considering making my own jewelry and starting a shop online to see where it goes. I’m going to give myself five years to complete this plan. My first goal I’m working on is how to pay off my student loans. I need to get rid of this debt before I take more on. Stay tuned, I’d love to blog about this journey.


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