Outfit Post #7

The past week has been beautiful here in Cleveland! I think this is the first time (at least that I can remember) where fall actually lasted. Usually we get a week of in between summer and winter weather. So on to the next outfit post!

The sweater was so perfect for this weekend. First, it’s THE color of the fall. Second, it’s comfortable and lightweight. Third, I got it “buy one, get one free” at the Loft Outlet. I have quite a few sweaters like this from The Loft, but they all have little details that make them different. This one, for example, has little buttons going down the back. I think they look just darling and add a bit of style to a simple sweater. If you like shopping at the Loft and want a sweater in this color, here’s something similar. Plus it’s 50% off now!


These pants are another Loft Outlet find. They are the perfect pant, the kind you get in each color. Personally I love the way the grey looks with this merlot color. I think black pants would have taken the look down a notch.

Finally the shoes. These are from Clarks and were the first pair I bought after I stopped working there. I’m a fan for life. Let me just point out that I bought these couple years ago because I loved them and now they are the color of the season. I’m such a trend setter. But all joking aside, these shoes are very comfortable. If you plan on wearing heels all day, the chunkier the heel, the better. It lets your weight distribute more and takes some pressure off the ball of your foot. Plus, I think they look more tasteful looking. I can’t help but mention that the loafer style design on these make me feel like a grown up. Whatever helps you play the part, right? Here’s this year’s version.
Thank you to Angela for taking all my photos. You can find her at http://www.photosbymariposa.com


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