Hammy’s 2015 Gift Guide

It’s here. Christmas is here. So I decided not to get that second job this year, which is funny because this is the most prepared I’ve ever been. Last year I forgot to buy gifts for people, can you say embarrassing? Not this year! I actually started preparing for this year on December 26th…no lie. I bought gifts that I thought were too expensive as soon as they went on sale. I cleared out a space in my closet for gifts and just kept adding and adding. I bought souvenirs when I was in Chicago and Frankenmuth and kept them for Christmas. Now all I have left to do is wrap! If you’re not as prepared as I am this year, I’ll share some ideas with you. I don’t want you to pull a 2014 Hammy mistake.


1. Loft’s Fairisle Sweater – Clothes can be hard to shop for another person, but if you’re 100% confident in your special person’s size, a sweater is a great way to go. Try to stick with colors your friend likes to wear and a sweater that is designed to fit loosely. This sweater from the Loft is perfect because it has a hint of color, a very traditional look, and is super comfy.
2. Travel Stub Diary – Most of my friends love to travel and I was trying to think of a great gift for them. This diary has pockets to store tickets, maps, or any keepsake from your friend’s travels. You friend will thank you as they travel and have a way to store little memories along the way. I have a drawer full of itineraries, boarding passes, menus, business cards, and whatever else from the places I’ve visited – how perfect would this be? At $12 you can buy enough for your friend to fill a bookshelf of memories.
3. Earrings – I feel like a girl cannot have enough earrings. I actually just bought these for myself when I was at Forever 21. I spent way too much on jewelry that day, but now I’m probably set for life. This is a great gift idea because there are so many different styles that your friend is bound to like. Plus you’re giving 20 gifts for 1, right? That’s how you should look at it, you’re welcome.
4. The Giving Plate – I saw this last year when I was working at Francesca’s, but this year’s version is much nicer. The one I bought was the same price, but it was plastic. It happens to be one of the items I bought on clearance, so I’m not mad. The one I have to give this year looks more like it’s for Thanksgiving because it’s mostly orange. I like this one here because it could be used year round and it’s ceramic, so it’s a much more substantial gift. The saying on it explains that this plate is to be used to share. It’s nice for family because they can use the same dish as you celebrate occasions at different houses. You don’t have to wash it to give it back and then bring your own plate that you leave behind. You just wash this one and use it! I think it’s a super sweet idea and probably something many families do already. Throw a saying on it and call it a gift!
5. Coloring Book – So these “adult” coloring books are all the rage this year, I don’t have to tell you that. They can be very therapeutic and fun, not to mention beautiful. I bought this one for myself because I wanted to try it out. This is super cute and I’m sure anyone would be happy to receive it as a gift.

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you enjoy shopping and preparing for Christmas as much as I do!


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