Outfit Post #6

It’s been awhile since I’ve done an outfit post. I was waiting for some fall inspiration and now with Thanksgiving in a few day I final have it! I took some photos a couple of weeks ago, while it was still nice. There in a different location in the metro parks then my last shoot. The leaves were changing and everything looks so beautiful! Anyway, here is a fall inspired look.  I love a good jean jacket, but I can never find one that fits right. The one I have on here is a size smaller then I usually get but it looks less bulky on me then my last one. I think once it breaks in from wear it will be perfect. I got it from Old Navy so, obviously, it was a good deal. Denim is always popular and it’s pretty much a staple piece for all seasons. It can really pull on outfit together but still maintain a cute, casual look. 

 I sometimes like to break fashion faux pas but I cannot wear a Canadian tuxedo. I love these green skinny pants. I saw them at American Eagle and almost paid full price for them. Thankfully I didn’t because I was outfit shopping a few weeks later and saw them on the clearance rack. Doesn’t make you mad to see something on sale after you just bought it. Or is this a sign I’m shopping too much? Consequences of being a fashion blogger, I guess. These pants are so comfortable and the fit is really nice. They are just skinny enough to achieve that great, defining look without being uncomfortable. I’m always attracted to this military green and the earthy tones are great for fall.
I picked up this heathered grey top from my favorite store, TJ Maxx. Honestly, you cannot have too many neutral tops. It’s nice to have a collection of simple T-shirts to throw on. This one is nice because it’s unbelievably soft and super flowy. If you feel self-conscience about a little tummy, something lose is ideal. I pretty much always want to just wear this shirt on my “Nothing looks good on me” days. The slits on the side go pretty high (I will not admit to shopping in the junior’s section) and I have to wear a shirt underneath or a jacket over it.

I finished the look off with this darling little necklace. I did a stint as a jewelry seller with Premiere Designs. I wasn’t the right gig for me, but I got some awesome jewelry out of it. 

Thank you to Angela for taking all my photos. You can find her at http://www.photosbymariposa.com


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