Happening Lately

I know I’ve been really bad about blogging and I don’t have a really good excuse. But I’m going to try. I’ve been working until 8 almost every night this month and that’s 8am to 8 pm, folks. The last thing I want to do afterward (or even on the weekend) is stare at a computer screen. Also I’m in the thick of birthday season for my family and celebrating the holidays, starting with Halloween. So what has Hammy been up to? Well here’s a rundown of the last couple of weeks.

Starting with Labor Day, when my mom and I spent the day at Grove City Outlets. It was a kick off to a crazy spending spree that went strong for a couple of weeks. Hence the spending freeze you read about in the last post. Then, on a different day, my mom, my aunt, and I went to the Rocksino to celebrate my mom’s birthday complete with a stop at the buffet and a trip to Aurora Farms Outlet. So I spent time spending money and not dieting.

This month, I spent a day at Cedar Point with Jamie during Halloweekends. My dad got free tickets from work so we went up there for the day and left early since weren’t not 15 anymore. Standing in line all day really takes a toll of your back when you’re this close to 30. Not to mention is was cold by the lake and why suffer when the tickets were free anyway. The following weekend I went over Jamie’s mom’s house for a Group Muse event. Her cousin actually started the whole thing and I was happy to support it. I really enjoyed it, a lot more than I even thought I would. If you’re reading this I encourage you to at least check it out.

Earlier this week I went to see one of my favorite bands of all time, Motion City Soundtrack. It’s been years since I’ve seen them last and I’m really glad I got to see them again. I’ve been listening to them since the beginning of high school and I haven’t stopped yet. I usually only go to concerts because someone else needs someone to go with, so it was so nice to actually see a band I wanted to. It’s been a really long time since I’ve done that, too long.

Just this past Friday, I had a group of friends come over to watch scary movies. I love Halloween so much and it always flies by so quickly! One of my favorite memories as a kid was getting to stay up late and watch scary movies and eat candy. I tried my best to recreate that and I think I was pretty successful. I bought all my favorite candy, lit a bunch of candles, and put all my blankets and pillows on the floor. We ended up watching Dark Ride and Creep which resulted in more laughing than screaming but it was such a blast, so who cares? I ended up staying up well after 2am thanks to all the sugar. Yesterday, I took my dog for a two hour walk to try to reverse some of that, is that even possible?

Anyway, I hope to write more often. I’m officially less than a year away from the weddings and I’m trying a new diet program that I’ll talk about after I’ve completed a month of it. So plenty to blog about. Not to mention winter fashion!


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