This past weekend, I went to Frankenmuth, MI for the Summer Music Fest. My friend, Maria, goes to Frankenmuth every year and was excited to take me and our friend, Heather. I spent the night at Maria’s because we were leaving at 8 in the morning. I wanted to do the whole sleep over thing: stay up late, watch movies, eat snacks, ya know. But I could hardly keep my eyes open, much less hold a conversation. Being an adult is a major buzzkill.
After a full night’s rest, we were up and ready to head out to Frankenmuth. It’s only four hours away from Cleveland, so it was officially the shortest car ride of the year. I hate sitting in a car so I was glad to end the summer with this one. All of our road trips look the same when staring out the window, but once you get to Frankenmuth that all changed. It’s such an adorable little city! It looks like it’s stuck in a different time. We stayed at the Bavarian Inn, which is a tradition in Maria’s family. The adorableness of the old fashioned city doesn’t end on the exterior of the building, but continues to the lobby and the rooms.

Once we were checked in, we started exploring the city. First we walked through the Bavarian Inn Castle Shops, where you could find something for anyone. I thought I was going to get all my Christmas shopping done just in these stores. Not only was there adorable gifts, but there’s a bakery and a candy shop. I wanted to eat one of everything! I made a quick stop in the toy store and, if I had the money, I would have bought all of these Wizard of Oz precious moments. I don’t care if you think they are creepy collectable dolls, I find them charming. For lunch we ate at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant where they boast to have the best chicken in the world. I think it was ok, I still wanted to put ketchup on everything. I was hoping no one saw because I’m not sure of the rules and I didn’t want to be kicked out.

The main event of the weekend was the Summer Music Fest. It was held close enough to our hotel that we could walk. The first half of the day was all polka music and the second half had a 50’s tribute band. We got there around four so we could see a little of both. One of my main concerns was: I don’t like beer, what am I going to drink? You cannot imagine my excitement to see that they had a full bar. I had to fight off my sleepiness (after the week I had) so I could enjoy the night. Once we all started dancing, it wasn’t an issue any more. We all had so much fun dancing together and signing along and drinking. When the show was coming to an end we headed back to our hotel’s bar for one more drink and some pizza. Nothing’s better than pizza after drinking for that many hours.

The next morning I woke up and felt pretty good because I knew I had a whole day of shopping ahead of me! We went back through the castle shops but some of the things I wanted to come back for were sold. But we did get pastries there for breakfast which made things ok. We walked down to all the shops on Main Street, which were all really cute. It was all the perfect day too, weather wise. It was so sunny but not too hot. You couldn’t have asked for a better day. Next, we stopped at the River Place Shops. It was like another unbelievably cute town inside of a cute town. We basically had to stop in every store. We spent the most time in Emilie B’s because they had the cutest “leather” (read: plastic) jackets. Heather and I probably tried on 15 of them but the styles we really liked didn’t come in our size. Saved us some money, I guess. I wanted to buy 90% of the things in that store. So cute! Another must visit is a store called Let’s Talk Girl Talk. It’s exactly what you think it is. So girly, so perfect for Hammy. They had a lot of things that Francesca’s was selling when I worked there. Not as many clothes but a ton of those signs with the cute sayings, jewelry, gifts, and a lot of things for brides. I had to resist so much!

Out final stop was to Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland. I was so excited to shop there and I did a lot of damage to my credit card. I love Christmas so much! I was good and only bought myself a handful of decorations because I know how much I will get over the years. I bought ordainments for my family and decorations for them too. I’m happy to get so much shopping done early because I’m definitely going to do another holiday stint at the mall this year. Even working retail for the past ten years (!) I still love everything about it. I spent so much time shopping that everyone was waiting for me when I walked out of Bronner’s. Once we packed all our purchases in the car it was time to head home.

I had a lot of fun in Frankenmuth and would definitely visit again!


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