Twilight At The Zoo 

I went to Twilight at the Zoo this Friday and had a blast! I went a couple years ago but it got completely rained out, so I didn’t have the best time. This year was completely different. The weather was absolutely perfect, warm enough that it felt like summer, but still comfortable. I bought a new dress, not for the occasion, but it ended up being perfect. I went on a shopping spree at Marshall’s a couple weeks ago and this dress was something I picked up then. I had a completely different outfit in mind, but it didn’t look as good as this one:  
It ended up being a total girl’s night, which are my favorite kind of nights. I went with two of my girlfriends and met a few more later in the night. We got there just after 7, my mom dropped us off and my friend’s dad picked us up. It’s open bar (beer and wine) so we wanted to be smart. Traffic was crazy and I found out later that the event sold out.

We walked around the zoo to get away from the front gates because it was so crowded and we were thirsty. I didn’t see as many animals as I would have liked. I got a glance of the elephants and spent some time watching a giraffe. That was it. Anyway, we were there to party. There are bands all over the park so you could hear music coming from everywhere. We got in line to get some drinks, since it was beer and wine only I wasn’t sure what was going to be my drink all night. I ended up trying this grapefruit beer and it was amazing! A new favorite for sure! The lines to get drinks were pretty long but I was surprised at how fast they moved. 

We spent a lot of time girl talking, catching up, and checking out the zoo. Food was included in the tickets so they had little buffet style tables set up throughout the park. We tried some pasta salad that was different, but really good (it had pickles in it)! Then they had one table with great drunk food: doughnuts, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, pierogis, and chicken fingers. What sounds better than that after a couple beers? Nothing.

We ended up only dancing to one band. I don’t remember their name but I liked them. They played really jazzy, baby making music. I was not ready for the party to end but the bands stopped playing at midnight so it was time to go. One of my friends had a little too much fun and had to be all but carried to the car. We all had a blast and I’m so glad I went. I’m ready for next year already!


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