Weekend Wrap Up

I hardly made it through Monday after another busy weekend! Since our summers are so short here in Cleveland, I try to get as much in before being trapped indoors for seven (or more) months. On Friday, after work, I went over a friend’s house “cooling” party (since they’re moving, get it?). I got her an empty box as a present haha. It was the first time I curled my hair since putting pink in it and I think it turned out great! It ended up being really hot and I only made it until midnight before I was ready to head home.   
 On Saturday PPG had a car show at the Strongsville Rec Center, so I went up there with my family. My dad is in to classic cars and it was a beautiful day so it was a good family activity. I found a nice pink ride for myself, I’m sure I could afford it (NOT!). Afterwards my mom and I went shopping. I found some cute things at Five Below that I didn’t need. I asked if we could go to Moosehead Hoof and Ladder for dinner because they have a great patio. It overlooks the metro parks and it was nice and shady. After dinner I ran home to get ready for a birthday party. I had a lot of fun that night and laughed a lot. After working all these crazy hours at work, it’s nice to let go and have fun. 

 I did even more shopping with my mom on Sunday. We were both in the mood to shop and I found so cute piece at Marshal’s, which I’m certain will make an appearance on this blog. After that we went to visit my grandma for her 95th birthday. All the Hamlin’s got together at the home she lives at to open gifts and cards. Spending the entire day with family is the best way to spend a Sunday, in my opinion. Then to end off the weekend right I watched some Big Brother. Perfect.



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