Not So Hammy Update

This week has actually been pretty good for me diet wise. I think with work being busy and stressing me out my appetite has decreased a bit. On Monday, work got lunch for everyone and we got to order whatever we want from Chipotle. I know you can order healthier things from Chipotle but I like, no, love, my sour cream and cheese. So my bright idea to make this work for my diet is bring containers to break down the meal into four portions. That way I also got four lunches out of it instead of just one. One piece of advice I always hear about dieting is “everything in moderation”. I wanted my Chipotle so I made it work with my calorie restriction.

I’m very good during the week with sticking to it. I cut my breakfast in half (I always have overnight oats), I’m trying to use almond milk to save calories in my coffee, and I’m doing my best to only eat if I feel hungry. Over the weekend I obviously broke the rules in Put in Bay and at Jamie’s cookout. I will be very tested this weekend because I’m on my period and I cannot stop eating. I already decided to focus on just starting over on Monday
Starting weight: 176.9
Current weight: 171.6 (woowho!)
Goal weight: 156


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