Christmas In July/Pool Party Weekend

This weekend flew by! I can’t believe that it’s already the last week in July! It’s a really busy time at work, so I planned on working all weekend but also spend as much time in the sun as possible. Friday went quick even though I was at work for twelve hours. I won a reward for having the lowest “not ready” time at work, so I got taken out to lunch. We went to the Pomeroy House in Strongsville which was really nice. It was beautiful outside so we sat on the patio. It felt so good to be treated and getting to step away from the phones for a little bit. After work I came home and relaxed because I knew how busy the next two days would be. I watched some “Chasing Life” (such a freaking cute show) and went to bed early.
Saturday I woke up to start working at 7. I got to put on music and plug away in my jammies, so it wasn’t so bad. Around 11 I headed out to my friend Amber’s house because we were car pulling to Put In Bay. I had to run up to my apartment a bunch of times because I kept forgetting stuff. So I ended up being late to my friend’s so we were late to the Jet Express and missed our boat! Gah! It was Christmas in July so the line to buy (in our case, change) tickets was wrapped around the building. We made the most of it and spent the time girl talking in line. There ended up being five girls total so there was lots to talk about. We finally exchanged our tickets and made our way to the bar and waited for the next ferry. Once we fought our way on the boat and made it across to the island it was time to party! There were Christmas decorations and people everywhere! Not to mentation that the weather was absolutely gorgeous! We bar hopped all afternoon, danced, drank, and had fun! By the time we had to catch the ferry (at 11:45) we were ready for our beds.

It’s a shot “shot”. Get it? Ha.

Sunday I woke up early because the sun was so bright coming in the windows. I decided to work a bit more, which I wasn’t originally planning on doing, but there was stuff to be done and I was awake. I worked until 10:30 and then headed to my friend, Jamie’s, for her annual pool party. I was responsible for the drinks so I had to get there early. I made this Gin Strawberry Smash which was incredible, perfect for a pool party. We ate burgers, swam, girl talked, read tarot cards, and I got way too much sun! I’m burned all over! When I came home I worked for a little bit more, up until Big Brother came on. I need another weekend already! I don’t know how I made it through this Monday.

Blissfully unaware.
Watermelon Margarita in a watermelon.

Cat Tarot

Now I see why my back if burned


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