Not So Hammy

Weight loss journey, take two…hundred. The reason I named my blog “Not So Hammy” is because one of the main things I wanted to talk about is losing weight. I’ve struggled with weight my whole life and managed to lose close to 30 pounds in 2011. I was about to be in a wedding (sound familiar?) and I wanted to look good in my friend’s pictures and for myself. During this time I was working like crazy at Clarks so I called it my “retail diet”. It consisted of working at least 44 hours a week, and I mean working, not just being at work or driving to work. I was on my feet on that sales floor for at least 44 hours. I also had to climb ladders, shelves, boxes, basically anything between me and a sale (I worked on commission). I also had very little time to eat. I woke up in just in time to get in my car and usually passed out once I got home. My lunch break was only thirty minutes and I did make an effort to eat things that were at least low calorie, if not healthy. I started using myfitnesspal at this time too. I was really good at sticking under 1200 calories a day. I guarantee if you do all that you will lose a substantial amount of weight. Once got a desk job, which I wanted to have weekends off to be a part of my friend’s wedding festivities, I gained most of it back.

Over the past four years, I’m consistently between a twenty pound range from 170 – 190. I’d really like to be able to lose and then keep losing. I feel like when I weighed less I felt more confident, healthier, more productive, just overall happier. The least I’ve weighed in the past 4 years was 155, and for now, that is my current goal. I’d love to be there by my birthday (November 1st). Currently, I’m at 176.8 and I’m deciding to share that because whenever I read weight loss blogs I want to know numbers. So I know if what that person is doing is working and how fast. Also so I have a better idea of what that weight looks like on a person. I’m a very visual person but sometimes the pictures aren’t enough to get my head around.
Anyway, I’d love to start this journey again and this time (with this blog) encourage or motivate someone. I also feel like if you tell someone you’re going to do it, you’re more likely to do it. I mean how many people do you actual hear that say they’re “on a diet” or “going on a diet”…wait. Well, I want to be successful on my own personal journey and I think tracking and sharing will motivate me.

So what I’m going to try to do is go back to counting calories because I had a lot of success with that before. I’m using myfitnesspal and you can follow me: hammy1987. I won’t be able to be on my feet with my current job like I was with my retail job, so exercise will be key. I love walking, using the elliptical, and DVDs so that’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to make an effort to post about this as much as possible. I want to talk about success and failures. Also have a killer before and after picture.


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