Nashville 2015

For the past three summers I’ve gone to Nashville. This year was a little different because my good friend moved to Bowling Green, KY so we got to visit her too. There was a total of seven of us who traveled from Cleveland this time, which worked out really well because we had plenty of drivers. It’s about an eight hour drive, which is very long for me because I hate driving. We left about 9:30 on Friday (all of us took the day off). I had everyone meet at my place and we all had breakfast here. Muffins and mimosas. The first part of the drive was awful because it was pouring down rain, but it cleared up for the second half. 

We got to my friend, Emily’s, house about 7. She’s renting a townhouse and it was so freaking adorable! She pays close to what I pay and I don’t live in no townhouse. We went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner and ate pizza and drank. After that Emily made us all root beer floats with burbon. By that point I was so tired and all I could think about was sleeping. We got ready for bed and did a little girl talk in our jammies like old times. It was a lot of fun!

The next day some of us wanted to go to the cave in Bowling Green (I was not one of them). So I took my time getting up, eating more muffins, drinking coffee, and getting ready. Once everyone got back we made a Starbucks run and headed off to Nashville! 

It’s about an hour drive so it wasn’t bad at all. We stopped at the Parthenon first. I’ve seen it when I went with my parents so I didn’t go inside, but some people did. That’s another great thing about having such a big group. Everyone got to do what they wanted to. After that we bar hopped a little bit, we stopped at Hurry Back and another place (but I didn’t remember the name). By this point I was feeling good but we hadn’t checked into our hotel yet and it was time to do that.

We were all disappointed to find out that our between the two rooms we had we only got two beds for the eight of us. We made it work though. After unpacking and freshing up we headed to the Pharmacy for dinner. We sat on the patio and the heat was starting to get to me. I ordered the farm burger (bacon, egg, mustard) and it was so good! I’d definitely recommend it to anyone visiting, but I would suggest sitting inside, in the ac if you’re visiting in July.  

 We had to go back to the hotel to refreshen up and get a couple ubers. We headed down to Broadway to do some more bar hopping. We started at Rippy’s because it’s one of my favorite bars and they usually have good music. We went upstairs because the band sounded good but it was at least 20 degrees hotter up there. There were so many people dancing which was great but made it so much hotter. The band played so fun covers including Taylor Swift and even Eminem! But we didn’t last long in the heat. Next we went to Broadway Brewhouse. They didn’t have gave a band playing so it wasn’t as crowded and felt much cooler. We got a couple tables and just hung out. 

The last bar we went to was Rock Bottom Brewery because I really like their rooftop bar. You would not believe how hot it was up there! It was so hot not even a mojito could make it more bearable. After sticking it out for as long as possible we went back to the hotel. 

The next morning we made our way to the Pancake Pantry. Of course there was a line around the building. By this point I was still not used to the heat. The ac felt great once we made it inside and I ordered a huge glass of orange juice. I decided to order some classic blueberry pancakes and they tasted great! Nothing like a good pancake for breakfast. After eating we walked around the shops in that area which are so cute! I didn’t end up buying anything but I was very tempted. I’d love to open a store like the ones down there someday. Cute clothes, great accessories, and gifts. Once someone suggested we head home from there it was like a switched flipped and I was grumpy pants until I got home. 

The ride home was long and was made much longer when my ac went on my car with five hours left of the trip. It was a bummer to end the trip like that, but overall it was a great time. I’m so glad I got to spend so much quality time with my best friends. It was such a great trip and created many memories! 


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