Book Review: “The Knockoff” by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza

I heard about this book because it was recommended on The Skimm emails I get daily. I was immediately interested because it’s about the fashion industry. I liked this story so much because I instantly related to the main character, Imogen. She is the editor in chief for the fictional fashion magazine, Glossy (think Vogue). She comes back after being out for six months to find her magazine has be taken over by her former assistant, Eve, who is turning her beloved magazine into an app. Imogen had avoided the technology take over for most of her career and it’s finally catching up with her. I related to her so much because, despite my millennial status, I’m still behind on living the digital life. I don’t have a facebook or a twitter and I’m just getting my feet wet with Instagram. This blog has been an experiment in figuring out how to promote in a world that’s over run with “content” and where everyone has a blog. I have to say I’m not catching on to things as quickly as Imogen. But I have years of blogging ahead of me (hopefully) and my story isn’t condensed to 334 pages either. Imogen also gets help from her children’s nanny, Tilly, and tech expert, Rashid (who she met at a tech conference). Both of her helpers are patient, informative and help propel Imogen’s story forward.

While studying in New York, at FIT, I learned how cut throat the fashion industry could be. I only got a taste of it with my classmates, nothing like an editor in chief at a major magazine. Imogen’s ability to remain positive and turn a bad situation into something successful was inspiring! For example: when she was pushed back to the “VIP standing area” (undoubtedly Eve’s doing), she created the hashtag #ScenceFromTheBackRow, which became a huge hit on Instagram. It makes want to come up with clever ideas like but only from Cleveland, Ohio not New York Fashion Week haha. Challenge? I think yes.

This book is super fun, a quick read, and really informative! A perfect beach read for the summer. Even though the main character is only faced with obstacles she remains positive which is infectious and makes you feel good while reading it. The authors created a world that feels like you could step right into it and created characters you really want to route for. I would definitely recommend it to any of my friends.


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