Fourth of July Weekend

So another busy weekend after a weekend! I had Friday off work so I had a breakfast date with my coworker/blogging buddy, Maria. We talked blogs and worked and drank coffee until my bladder exploded. Not literally, but I did have to pee four times when we were there. Nothing to do with Fourth of July. After that I met up with a friend to watch her try on wedding gowns. We actually went to the same place that we tried on bridesmaid dresses, Bella Bridesmaids. They make dresses in white and she really liked a lot of the dresses there. It was fun but in not going to share pictures because she might have found the one. After wrapping up with her I did some running around with my mom to get snacks for the night and all that. I was going to see fireworks in North Ridgeville but my friend, Emily, who was in from out of town was running late so we missed them. I was ok with that because I hate, hate, hate firework traffic. But we ended up stuck in it when we headed over to our friend’s house. Figures. But we forgot all about it after a dozen s’mores and a couple margaritas. 

I was just about as lazy as you could be on Saturday. I think being out of town in the beginning of the week and running around so much the day before left me very tired. I slepted or watch tv on my couch until fiveish. I picked up Emily and we went our friend’s (that same bride to be) apartment in Lakewood. We planned to walk to Lakewood park to watch fireworks. I packed a picnic basket for the fireworks and it was so heavy carrying it there! Emily helped me most of the way. It was worth it because snacks make all the waiting a little more bearable. The fireworks were nice, it’s just not the same as when you were little. Plus there were trees in the way. Rude. 

On Sunday we celebrated my uncle’s birthday by having a cookout at my parents. I have to say the weather was perfect all weekend. My dad made burgers & hot dogs and my mom made a BLT dip that was to die for. I ate it with sweet potato Triskets. Omg I couldn’t get enough. After presents and cake we said our goodbyes but I stayed at my parents to watch Big Brother. Overall it was a pretty spectacular holiday weekend!


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