Chicago Day 3

Last day already! Yesterday, I felt like I could do another day in Chicago, but this morning I was ready to go home. We did so much walking, my muscles hurt and my feet are blistered. I was excited to eat one last meal in the city and explore just a little bit more. While we waited in line yesterday for 3 hours, the woman we talked to suggested Yolk for breakfast. It was a quick walk from our hotel so we decide to try it. There was no wait and we got to sit outside. We officially ate every meal on a patio. Goal = achieved. I ordered eggs benedict and a cinnamon roll. Both were very, very tasty. Heather ordered some banana, peanut butter, chocolate chip pancakes and they were good too! The weather was absolutely perfect and I was savoring my last day of “vacation” and my last day in this city.

Once our food settled and we finished up our coffee we headed out to do some more shopping. Both our dad’s wanted so deep dish pizza and most of the restaurants had frozen pizzas to take home. We stopped back at Giordano’s because 1. it was the closest to our hotel and 2. the favorite out of the two we tried. We looked for some souvenir stores near our hotel but there weren’t any. With our pizzas in hand we decided it was time to head home. Like they always say there’s nothing like coming home.

Overall Chicago was a great time! I definitely would recommend checking it out (especially that boat tour). I think the breakfast we had at Wildberry was my favorite meal, sorry pizzas. I’d also recommend bringing really, really awesome walking shoes. Not just cute sandals. I sold Clarks for two years, I should have known better.

Highlights from the drive home: All I wanted was a S’mores frap and the Starbucks we stopped at in Indiana “didn’t have it.” Then just as Heather finished telling me she’s never got a speeding ticket, she gets pulled over. Ha. I can laugh because she just got a warning. Lucky girl.

In about three weeks I’ll be heading off to Nashville! It’s my favorite city to visit! I can’t wait to tell you all about it.



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