Chicago Day 2

We woke up early because we wanted to get in as much sight seeing as possible. We got ready using the one mirror in our hotel without killing each other. We planned on going to Shedd Aquarium so we started out that way and stopped at Wildberry for breakfast. There was a 1/2 hour wait, on a Monday, but it was so worth it. I ordered a Denver scramble & banana cream pie pancakes. So delicious! There coffee was really tasty too.

Next we walked through the park to get to the aquarium. It took about a half hour. It was really pretty but my feet still hurt from the night before. Once we got there the line was outrageous!  But it’s the one thing literally everyone told us to check out. We made friends with the woman I. Front of us and her daughter. They were really nice and were local so we talked to here about what to see and do. She told us that the aquarium was really good but not worth this wait, but we had committed. I asked her what was her favorite pizza place and she said Giordano’s which is where we went last night. Her daughter who was about 10 said Dominos was really good. Adorable.

I’m sad to say that I was disappointed by the aquarium. We just paid for the general admission ticket because that line ate up at lot of our time. The best part was see the sting rays because they are my favorite. Also there was an enormous sea turtle that was injured by a motor boat there. His name was Nickle and his back fins were damaged. Poor thing. We got to see them get fed by a driver. That was the coolest thing there.


Next we walked to “The Bean” on millennium park. It’s one of those things you have to see when you’re in Chicago. It was super cool and perfect photo opportunity. After taking a few snap shots, we walked down Michigan Ave to hit up some souvenir stores. I love a souvenir. I want to start collecting vintage looking posters of the cities I visit, but I had no luck in Chi-town.


After stopping at our room to freshing up, we went to Lou Malnati’s for more pizza. Everyone recommended this place but I liked Giordano’s better. I liked the crust so much more. We had a nice time drinking on the patio & people watching. We bought tickets to the twilight architecture boat tour that’s on the Chiago River so we went back that way to watch the sun set. I begged Heather to take a cab because melt feet hurt but once we got dropped off at the Michigan Ave bridge we walked all over hell’s half acre to find the sun. Turns out with all those buildings there’s no good place to find the sun set.

We made our way over to where our boat was docked and got there before anyway else. Once we got aboard we headed right for the bar, it was time to party (& develop a liquid blanket). The tour was so awesome! Our guide was a cuties and very funny. Plus we learned a lot about the city so it was a well rounded experience. I definitely suggest it to anyone visiting the city.



After that we wanted to drink and as per usual (for me) we you can and want to it doesn’t happen. The first place we hit up the Eno wine bar. They were a half hour for closing. So we had to down our drinks. We walked around the town to find the next place. We stopped at The Purple Pig because it looked cute. Our waiter there was so rude. Right when we sat down he said “Kitchen closes in two minutes, what do you want to eat?” Seriously, wtf? It smelled so good there I wanted food so bad. I made up my mind right away and ordered. Heather, on the spot, just ordered calamari. It came out in two seconds and when she saw it was raw and not fried, she asked them to take it back. He did but only after being difficult. Anyway my food came out and it was so delicious. I felt bad that my friend had to watch me eat but she wasn’t up for trying something else. They were closing up too and I felt so rushed that I couldn’t enjoy my food. It was an overall bad experience. After that we were ready for bed. I was disappointed to end the day on a bad note because we were having so much fun. But tomorrow’s another day!


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