Chicago Day 1

I’m off the the Windy City! My friend, Heather, & I decided to road trip it up! We started our trip about 9:30 this morning (it’s only about a 5 hour drive from Cleveland). I made blueberry scones (my specialty) for breakfast and we ate them on the road. It was rainy & crummy when we left but about 45 minutes the sun came out. Thank goodness because a cloudy car ride is no good. 👎🏻


We made it into the city dispite my lackluster navigateion skills. After figuring out where our hotel was (thank god I wasn’t driving) we stopped at Giordano’s for pizza. We already planned on having pizza multiple times this trip. There was about a 50 minute wait for a pizza which was perfect because we wanted to plan out our day. Our good friend (and MAP’s husband), Troy, sent an email with suggestions. One thing he recommended was going to Second City which piqued my interested. I looked it up while we were waiting & there was a show all about online dating called #dateme. Which is perfect because we are two single girls exploring online dating. So after we bought tickets on our phones for that our pizza came and it was delicious!

After we ate, we could check in to our hotel. We’re staying at the Red Roof Inn on Ontario & Michigan Ave. Not very luxurious but perfect location and we got a deal on Groupon. After freshing up, we walked to where they have the boat tours on the river. We are going to do that tomorrow we just got info/explored the city. 

From there we walked to Second City. Omg my feet still hurt! But we did get to see a lot of the city. Some really cute neighborhoods with adorable townhouses. If I could only afford to live there… Anyway, after our hour (maybe more) walk we stopped to get a drink before the doors opened. 


Then we made our way across the street to see our show. It was so funny! This girl created 38 fake online dating profiles to see what responses she got. She called it an “experiment”. It was interesting to see the types of characters that got a lot of responses. I’ve taken a break from online dating, for now, but it gave really good insight. Oh and they had a photobooth:

After that my contacts were bugging me so we decided just to walk to the hotel. The walk back was a different experience at night. Like trying to find what to use as a weapon, just in case. We made it back ok & a lot faster then expected. We were both so whooped but hungry so we grabbed burgers at the closest place to our hotel & then called it a night. Stay tuned for round two!


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