Outfit Post #3

I love a striped shirt. I have probably ten different versions just in black and white. I think a classic black and white top is a great starting point to mix patterns. If you want to do some mixing of patterns I recommend sticking with the same color scheme. That way it all looks like it goes together. You can see here that’s what I did with my favorite top and this adorable arrow skirt. It just wouldn’t be a Hammy outfit post without something from Lauren Conrad’s LC line, which this skirt is. As per usual I snagged this on sale. You can still it here on sale! You’re welcome.
While mixing patterns is one of my favorite things to do, this outfit still needed more pop. So I added my hot pink cardigan. The weather is a little warm for it, but my office is usually an ice box. I frequently pair most of my outfits with a colorful cardigan, even in the summer. This was on clearance at Kohl’s and I probably paid less than $10 for it. Here is something similar.

This outfit is just so darling, I topped it off with my love bird’s necklace. I scored this charming little accessory at Target. I love scoping out their jewelry because there’s always mark downs and super interesting pieces. My red card gets a lot of use when I’m shopping for some new jewelry. There’s so many cute variations on Etsy.

Last but not least, the shoes! I bought these at Clarks after I worked there. These are a classic round toe pump. You’ll notice a snake skin detail upon closer inspection, giving them a little bit of an edge. The cushions in these almost make up for the toe pinching expected in heels this height. Funny story: I wore sneakers to walk up to the train tracks and when I changed out of those I lost my balance and stepped right in a pool of grease. My toes felt so gross, can you tell I was not happy? These are not available online, if you’re near an outlet check there. If you just want comfy heels try these.

Good sport.

I’m blogging this while watching Big Brother, which is my summer guilty pleasure. Do people have an early favorite yet? I’m liking Audrey. I love when a girl is all about girl power in the house. Routing for her.

As always, all of my pictures were taken by my friend, Angela. Check out her website Photos By Mariposa or her own blog.


One thought on “Outfit Post #3

  1. mariapedrick June 24, 2015 / 10:09 pm

    You’re adorable. I will never tire of seeing this outfit. Forever in love. ❤️


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