Twin Peaks 90’s Fashion

I finally finished the entire series of Twin Peaks (all two seasons). I was seriously into a lot of their outfits. Most of what was worn on this show was really timeless, with a few exceptions…it was still the 90’s. I was inspired to dedicate an entire post the Twin Peaks attire!

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Audrey Horne

 1. Cherry on Your Sunday Cardigan $52 | 2. Vintage Never Sad in Plaid Skirt $40 | 3. Who Could Be Saddle Shoes $40 | 4. Polished and Precious Top $35 | 5. I’ll Have the Usual Skirt in Black $40 | 7. All She Wants to Do is Prance Dress in Red $55 | 8. Vivid in the Moment Dress in Dusk Garden $160
Looking this whole set over I noticed it could almost be a 50’s inspired board. That’s one thing I noticed about Audrey’s style it’s the most timeless. I couldn’t resist adding that cherry top to represent the lolita side of Audrey in the first season. Saddle shoes are obligatory for when she acts like Nancy Drew. Since I’m putting this board together right after watching the second season I was really feeling her more professional look she took on while working with her father.

IMG_1166 IMG_1167

Donna Hayward

Donna was a bit like Nancy Drew too but embraced a more “girl next door” look than Aurdey. I liked her casual looks that were just so darling. I think Donna looked best in the beginning of the season when her and James were still bearable. She was sweet and relatable and I think her wardrobe represented that.

Miss Twin Peaks
The end of the series was a build up to the Miss Twin Peaks Pageant: the [spoiler] pageant you don’t want to win. The anticipation to watch our girls strut their stuff was almost too much to handle! I could not wait to see some killer 90’s formal wear.

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