Fall Out Boy – Cleveland 6/16

I’ve watched every game of The Finals, but not tonight’s. My friend asked me to see Fall Out Boy months ago and since I didn’t know how high the stakes would be I said “sure.” It also helps that I am perpetually stuck in 2005, when it comes to music anyway. 

My friend’s boyfriend drove and he drives like he just got his license. Which helped my whole high school theme for the evening. Oh and I wore a shirt of my favorite high school movie: Clueless. I even got a “I like your shirt” compliment from a girl who probably wasn’t alive when the movie came out. 

Traffic getting into Blossom is insane. We sat in traffic for at least 45 minutes, maybe more. This is a huge venue you think they would design a better entrance. But it give me a chance to get more familiar with their new songs. I like FOB but I stopped keeping up with them after graduating college.

Walking in I noticed I was at least 5 (if not 10 eep) years older than the majority of the crowd. This was the first concert I’ve been to that I’ve felt this way. I was not prepared, I mean they were still on during the TRL era. Side note I “saw” them when I went to the TRL final episode. Fall Out Boy played outside but facing the studio, which was opposite of the crowd. It was lame. Anyway, speaking of lame… I was very underwhelmed by Wiz Khalifa. Not my cup of tea. I spent most of his set wondering how I could have missed the memo about denim cut off booty shorts & crop tops. I’d say that’s what 75% of the girls there were wearing. I don’t know what I was expecting but it made me feel even older. 

To make things worse, someone named Max played in between sets. He just played 30 second clips of songs people are guaranteed to like. Just before playing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” he said “If you’re a 90’s baby let me hear you.” He skipped my decade! Rude.

 My phone didn’t take such great pictures.

Once the sun set and I started to regret not bringing a jacket, Fall Out Boy finally came out. They started with “Sugar, We’re Going Down” which was great because I think that’s the first song I started with when I first heard of them. Just before playing “The Phoenix” Pete acknowledged that game six was going on. Easy way to get plenty of cheers from Cleveland fans. And P.S. I could not get an internet connection and had no access to the score. Anyway, “The Phoenix” is really good live, it makes me want to listen to their new stuff more.

 A major highlight for me was having a sixteen year old Statler and Waldorf behind me. “Fall Out Boy? More like Tone Deaf Boy hahaha.” They came just to see Wiz Khalifa so their judgment should not be 100% be trusted.

 Halfway through the show they played a couple acoustic songs on a stage that was in the lawn. “Immortals” and “Young Volcanos”. Usually I’m down for some acoustic jams but it was 10:15 and I was wondering what the score was. I was excited for them to get back on stage and plug back in, but not before a drum solo. Even things out. The next song was “American Beauty/American Psycho” which I only heard once in the car but it instantly became my favorite track. It sounded great and so did “Uma Thurman” which they played next. New songs = pretty spectacular. And so were the non-firework fireworks that they kept setting off behind the building throughout the show. They never failed to make me jump. I have to say the pyrotechnics were impressive. Good amount of fire and flashing lights for a rock show.

I know I keep talking about all the things each song reminded me of and I’m just going to keep doing it. Hearing “Thks Fr Th Mmrs” never fails to remind me of the summer I worked at Dots (R.I.P.). They just played the radio there and that song would come on at least twice during my shift. I’m glad they played it though, thanks for the memories Fall Out Boy.

The last song they played was “Saturday” which I liked. Classic. I’m surprised I didn’t hear “Where Is Your Boy” though. But over all I was pretty happy with their set list. A rock concert is never a bad way to spend a summer evening. Especially when you can sit outside with friends and drink. I’m ready to go again!

P.S. Cavs lost. Boo


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