Outfit Post #2

I have to confess, these shorts hung in my closet for years with the tags still on them. I bought them on major clearance at Kohl’s and thought they’d be so cute with navy tights in the fall. The navy tights I bought are still in the package too. I do this kind of thing often, I have a great outfit idea in mind and then when I can’t find all the pieces I’m picturing, I give up on it. I was inspired to find a way to use these shorts so I can feature them on my blog. So here it is:122

These short are from Lauren Conrad line at Kohl’s. Since I bought them on clearance a number of years ago they are obviously no longer available. However, in her new Mickey Mouse line, there are a pair of shorts very similar. These may even be cuter because on the front there’s a bow. It’s almost impossible to see in the picture online but in person it’s so cute! I had to resist buying them since I already have a similar pair with the tags still on.


In my head I kept picturing a pretty blouse in cream to pair with them. It’s what held up this outfit for so long because I wanted to wear what I was picturing and couldn’t find it. I finally found just what I was looking for at H & M while shopping specifically for outfits to post. It was just meant to be. I’m actually really happy with this purchase and I already have ideas in my mind for more ways to wear it with things I already own. Oh! I think I just came up with another idea for another post! I could not find this elusive top online but I did my best to find something similar here, here, and here.


Now on to the shoes. I remembering talking myself into these shoes when I should have been talking myself out of them. I really didn’t need another pair of too high heels but I loved the color and all the straps. So I bought them. Again, this is another LC Lauren Conrad item. LC’s my girl, what can I say?


This necklace is another treasure from Francesca’s. I love this color on me and I think it’s a great compliment to navy. Francesca’s has such great pieces, while I couldn’t find anything similar, you could fill up a shopping basket quickly while browsing their site.167

This would get a great date night outfit. Am I right? Sky high heels and some short shorts. I think this is a great look for a mature, confident woman. Very professional and still sexy. Plus it’s very comfortable and would be even more so with a pair of flats.

All of my pictures were taken by my friend, Angela. Check out her website Photos By Mariposa or her own blog.


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