Monday Rec Adventures and Easy Italian Chicken Skillet

I’m listening to the Acoustic Versions of Pop Songs on Songza again and there’s some major 90’s realness going on. Eric Clapton followed by 10,000 Maniacs. “Because the Night” reminds me of sitting in my room late at night listening to the radio. Turning the dial to Q104 and fiddling with the antenna because it was the 90’s. There’s some songs that take me right back to being young and so naïve about music. I didn’t follow any bands, I didn’t know what was “cool”, and I didn’t have any concept of what liking a certain type of music can say about you as a person. I just sit in my bed listening, waiting for the next song, and eating it all up. That was an unplanned tangent since that song came on while I was writing.

Speaking of staying up late at night, that’s what I did last night (segue = killed it). I could not fall asleep and it was so much worse knowing Monday morning was waiting for me. Around 2am I was grateful for my recent energy drink obsession because my fridge was loaded up for the day. In the morning, I snoozed a little bit longer because it was way too cold to walk to work so I knew I was driving. Also I knew breakfast was waiting for me because I make overnight oats. This combination equals peaceful snoozing on a Monday morning.

Work ended up going by fast and I wasn’t nearly as tired as I thought I’d be. When I got home I went through the daily struggle of deciding between napping or going to the rec center. Since I gave in to temptation this morning and ate a donut, the gym won out. I basically go to the rec to read. I got on the treadmill for a half hour at a comfortable pace and knocked out a couple chapters of “Faith”. When I got off, all the ellipticals were taken so I got on the stair climber. I like to the do the stairs but reading on them is nearly impossible for someone as clumsy as me. Turning the page while climbing requires a great deal of concentration. I got a couple worried looks as I needed to grab for the handrails. I did a solid fifteen minutes on that. I decided to get back to the safety of the treadmill but it had gotten crowded. I was relieved when someone got off as soon as I was ready to get on. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw I had just “cut” someone. Someone cute. I felt him glaring at me, but I was already committed to my rolling sidewalk, so I pretended not to notice. As luck would have it, the next treadmill to become available was the one right next to me. Great. Mr. Glary McHotty was about to be my neighbor. He didn’t say anything, but I couldn’t stop obsessing, so I got off after an appropriate amount of time had passed. Five minutes. After that, I was ready to go home and make dinner.
I made Easy Italian Chicken Skillet. It was pretty easy to make here’s picture of my colorful prep. 
And the final product.

  I added noodles because I was hungry but I barely ate a quarter of this. It was kind of bland to me. How do you make food taste good? I also made Cauliflower Breadsticks. Which I COVERED in cheese rendering them completely unhealthy. But tasty!

This kind of looks like a pizza, picture it cut into strips. I put my feet up, ate some dinner, and spent an hour with Agent Cooper.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. My girlfriends and I started this 30 day challenge:

I can’t do squats because I have what my doctor calls “runner’s knee”. Which is ridiculous, you could tell after reading my experience at the rec. The pain is unbelievably excruciating so when the doc says avoid squats, I avoid squats. Anyway, the first day is super easy. Stay tuned.


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