Weekend Wrap Up

Another weekend done. I don’t need to say that it went by too fast…but I just did. I was trying to think of a way to sum up my weekend and my current mood going into the new week. I’m kind of on a survey kick and since I’m still feeling out this whole blogging thing, I like the idea of following a template. Anyway here’s something I saw and modified from my friend Amber’s blog.

Reading: Faith by Jennifer Haigh. This is a very different book for me. I usually stick to books recommend to me on my goodreads and, for the most part, it’s on point. This book, not so much. It’s very slow for me and it’s about an uncomfortable subject so I just want to speed right through it. alt text

Eating: Brown Bag Burger. I went there on Saturday with some friends. I think we’re all starting a diet on Monday so we had to get this “last meal” in.

Buying: S’mores Oreos. I love all things S’mores and these are very yummy. alt text

Watching: Moulin Rouge. After burgers we watched one of my favorite movies of all time. Ewan McGregor! Swoon!
alt text

Making: Quesadillas. I have a quesadilla maker (the red one) and I’ve been on a kick since Cinco de Mayo. Ginormous flour tortillas are NOT ok to eat when losing weight…I’ve heard.

Drinking: Energy drinks. I should have never started…my friend wanted to pick up one on Saturday before doing some apartment shopping (for her, I just signed my lease to spend another year in the same place). Since I’m a follower, I picked up one too. Now I craving them nonstop. Ugh. I know they’re bad.

Listening: Acoustic Versions of Pop Songs station on Songza. It’s really perfect to have on in the background while blogging.1

Wishing: The rain will stop so I can go for walks. It’s the only way I get exercise.

Enjoying: A whole day to myself. I usually have an obligation to my family or a friend wants to hang (I can’t say no #fomo) but not today! I cleaned, shopped, read, watched so much Twin Peaks, and napped. Perfect Sunday. Oh, and I had quesadillas for lunch AND dinner. Judge free.

Wondering: When will Cooper find out who killed Laura Palmer? The second season really drags.

Pinning: Chicken recipes. That’s what’s in my freezer.

Feeling: Rainy day blues. I’m ready for the sun to come back.


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