The Week That Was

Happy Friday! Here’s a silly little recap of my week:


It was my friend’s birthday on Monday. I bought her macaroons (and extra for myself) and she made cupcakes. Check out her recipe at


Summer was here in Cleveland and then it left. These dudes weren’t aware. I saw these while shopping for crafts (stay tuned).


My dollar store can opener broke on Cinco De Mayo. I thought I’d buy a new one, not at the dollar store. Did you know if you don’t go the dollar store, your only other option is to pay $12.99? Well, now you do.


I made stuffed peppers to use up rice from Cinco De Mayo. How long can cooked rice stay in your fridge and still be “good”?


This is a naked pot. But it won’t be after tonight! Like I said, stay tuned.


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