Bridesmaid Post: Ways to Make Your Bride Feel Special

So lets say you have a year before your friend walks down the aisle, what are ways to make her feel extra special and extra bridey? I’m not talking things your obligated to do as a bridesmaid. I want to do things that are more outside of the box.

One obvious thing to do is give bridal themed gifts for her birthday or for Christmas. Assuming your bride will be into that, of course. Thinking ahead and getting her something like a frame for her invites, a gift certificate to the salon you know she’ll go to for her hair or nails, or something cute like a sweatshirt that says “bride”. Which is what I did for my friend that got married in 2012. Throw back Thursday photo. Hello!

543612_10100604725751750_1871070762_nOf course every bride is different. Some girls like to plan and get things done way ahead, other brides like to wait until the big day is closer. If your bride is more like the first kind of girl, I think you should take every opportunity to be apart of the planning process. I love to go to bridal shows, or dress shopping, or cake tasting! Anything she’ll let you take part in, you should participate. It’s a great opportunity to spend quality time with her and feel like you’re accomplishing something too! Now don’t impose, just join in where you’re welcome.

Lastly, I think it’s nice to include the groom in your year of celebrations. One thing I did for the groom in that 2012 wedding was send him a funny “care package”. I must admit that I got the idea of Pinterest (obvi). I sent him socks in case he gets cold feet, alcohol to calm nerves, mints for the kiss, ect. There’s a million ideas on Pinterest. This is up to you and how comfortable you feel with the groom. I think it’s nice to do for the guy since the groomsmen aren’t likely to think of it. And it lets him know the bridal party thinks he’s a good guy.

That’s just some ideas that I like and it’s totally up to you if you want to partake. What are some other out of the box ideas? I’d love to hear some!


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