Mother’s Day

Today I spend the whole day with my mom (and my whole family). I woke up “early” (anytime before noon for me) because I wanted to make my mom cinnamon rolls (her favorite). I had to make them at my place because her oven is broke. So I made those and headed over to my parents around 11:30. They literally live right down the street from my apartment. I’m taking baby steps as I leave the nest. So I had breakfast and the rest of my family had second breakfast together. We all had to sit outside because the A/C is broke and it’s so much cooler out there. Things are falling apart at the Hamlin’s, appliance wise. But it was the perfect weather today. Sunny, warm, beautiful!

We went to visit my grandma at the nursing home. My grandma is in her 90s, it’s very nice to visit but she’s not very talkative. I always have a hard time finding things to talk to her about. She doesn’t remember a lot so it’s hard to keep her up to date on things. I mostly let my dad talk. He ask her if she remembers things from growing up. Those things she remembers much easier. I feel like I learn a little bit about my dad and what it was like to grow up “back then.” She talked about how he wished she had a brother or sister growing up. It made me appreciate my brother, just a little bit.

After that we went to Olive Garden (my mom’s choice). She really likes it but my dad never wants to go. Since it was Mother’s Day he obliged. I always, always order stuffed chicken marsala. Yum! What ever I said last week about starting my diet this week, I actually meant next week.


So a bit about my mom. She’s my best friend and I talk to her everyday. She’s so amazing and is the glue that keeps our family strong. I know I can tell her anything and no matter what she’ll love me. I know that not all girls have that kind of relationship with their mom and I feel so lucky to have her. She offers so much support and makes me feel like I can do anything. I hope everyone today got to tell their moms how wonderful they are.

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