Scalloped Edges

A trend I’m really liking for this spring/summer is scalloped edges. I keep seeing them pop up in stores and I’m very much gravitating towards them. This time of year, it’s all about transitioning into the new season. A soft edge like this is a great way to flirt with the spring, especially if you have cold feet (no, literally, it’s going to be 50some degrees in Cleveland next week). I always want to find ways to transition my wardrobe without going the nautical route. I had a professor at FIT tell the class, that stores bring out the nautical clothing for girls who don’t know anything about fashion. I had to take out my anchor earrings mid lecture because I’d be so embarrassed if anyone in the class noticed how well they went with my navy stripped top and red pencil skirt with roped belt. That’s the number one thing I think about while shopping around this time of year.

Back to scallops. I saw a pair of shorts (similar to the ones below) at TJ Maxx a.k.a my favorite store. But they were in the juniors section. Whomp whomp. This body has never fit into junior sizes, ever. Although I tried for much of junior high (my apologies to anyone that had to witness that). Anyway, I’ll be on the look out for a pair for grownups this season. Let me know if you see any. There are so many cute ways to incorporate this trend into your own wardrobe.

scal1. Peach Scallop Top $32 | 2. Valentino Scalloped Shorts $850 | 3. TOPSHOP Double Scallop Swimsuit $68 | 4. J.Crew Factory Scalloped Trim Dress $98 | 5. Mint Scalloped Mini Skirt $17

I  really want to get that swimsuit. I haven’t owned a suit that showed my thighs in probably the past two decades. I will make an exception for this suit, it’s just too cute! And as I get older I’m trying to love my body more for what it is. I want to grow out of worrying what other people think of my thighs and just focus on how cute this swimsuit is!

I’m also loving all the spring colors on here. It’s the perfect palette for the season. If I could dress like an Easter egg 365 days a year, I would.


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