Finally Friday!

I’m so glad it’s the weekend. I work customer service and some weeks, most weeks, it’s a struggle to make it through to the weekend. Today, I just could not muster the strength to do anything but stare at my screen. It’s really great motivation to work on this blog. The ultimate goal would be to use it as a resume of sorts to get a job in the fashion industry. I remember a few years ago I had an interview to be a sales associate at Free People. I was asked who some of my favorite bloggers were and I always think about how I wish I was in the position to say “Oh, me. I’m my favorite. Look at my blog. Give me the job. Bam!” I’m working on it.

I’m one week away from doing a photo shoot so I will have pictures to do outfit posts. I went to Target tonight and tried on some things, just for fun mostly. Nothing fit the way I expected it to. I’m hoping to find outfits that are flattering on my body type. While staying totally fashionable (I want to convince the fashion industry I know what I’m talking about). While the fit of most things weren’t great, I was really loving all the colors and patterns I was seeing. It really felt like summer outside today and so I in the mood to try on some shorts! I love the opportunity to mix patterns and a great pair of pattern shorts have that written all over them. One thing I noticed at Target was there’s really no thought behind the merchandising. I liked a pair of shorts but I could not find anything nearby (or even in the whole department) that would go with them. I like when stores do the thinking for you, ya know? I just appreciate good merchandising and years of retail experience makes me value an opportunity to get the customer to buy more item. Oh, Mr. Target, looking for a girl who could create a display of “this would go with this and this?” Look no further. I know they need no help, but what a cool opportunity would that be.

My real purpose to heading to the store was to get some junk food. I knew I wanted to write some blog posts and I needed some “brain food” (i.e. potato skins…haha) to power me through. I also got pizza, cuz it’s Friday night and it seemed necessary. Honestly though I want to start my diet…next week. I will write up a plan and share it (next week) on what I think will be successful for me. But for now, potato skins.


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