What Happened This Weekend

I had a very productive weekend. Especially in ways that involve this blog!

First, on Friday, I met up with a girlfriend. I’ve been working on being more positive, which includes keeping a positive journal. I noticed that I feel the most positive part of my day is when I spend time with people I love. So I’m trying to make a conscious effort to see my friends and family more often. So Friday I spent four hours gabbing with my oldest friend and it was great!

Saturday I had a picnic in the park with my biggest blog supporter and a friend who is taking my pictures for some clothing post. It really reinvigorated my excitement for doing this blog. Here’s a sneak peak (official outfit post to come):IMG_0964Sunday morning I met one of my brides to go over flowers and center pieces for her wedding. She wants to “lock in” a decorator and need to go over what the bridal party could do vs. what the lady would do. But we ended up spending most of the time talking about the bachelorette party. Which being the bride’s college roommate I was happy to take on the responsibility. Stay tuned for updates!

After that bridal brunch meeting, I went shopping. I bought some new outfits that I’m excited to show off here on this blog. So keep checking back for some cute summer outfits!


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