Time For Dresses

I want to use this blog to talk about things going on in my life. A big one is being a bridesmaid. Last year I was asked to be in three weddings! I have already been in two in my life so I am well on my way to 27 dresses!

On Saturday, one of the bridal parties I’m in went out to try on some dresses. The wedding isn’t until next August so we have plenty of time to shop. Some of the girls in this party live all over the country so we took advantage of the holiday weekend. Since this will be one of the few times all of us will be together, it was important to pay attention to what the other girls liked and what looked good on them. The bride wants each girl in a different dress which makes things easier.

We had an appointment at Bella Bridesmaids in Rocky River. This was the first wedding I’ve been in where we didn’t just go to David’s Bridal and be done with it. I liked the experience at a little boutique like this. We had the whole store to ourselves and all the attention of the sales girls. Of course all of this comes at a cost. The dresses we were trying on were very pretty and as someone who appreciates fashion, I can see the value in paying more for a quality product. But it’s important to still stick to your own personal clothing budget. I know agreeing to be in wedding is agreeing to the expenses that come along with the honor but letting the bride know what you’re comfortable with can’t hurt. Since this was the first time we all went out shopping, it was important to let the bride know that $250 is a little steep for me. Once I spoke up other girls in the party agreed.


Another tip I want to share from this experience is to consider what undergarments you’re wearing that day. I was so embarrassed walking out in a pale pink dress that exposed my black and white leopard underwear. Another benefit of being in this little boutique, less people to be embarrassed in front of!image1

I love trying on dresses and spending time with my girlfriends. Afterword we all went out to eat. I really want to appreciate the time I have with my friend while she’s still a single lady. Inevitably there are babies down the road and a potential move so these could be the last months we have together. I greedily want to make as many memories with my friend before things change. All the consequences of getting older.


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