This blog will be about me and my life. I want to start this for me and I’ll share, because who knows? Maybe I’ll inspire, motivate, or connect with new people.

I really want to focus on 3 things:

  1. A healthier lifestyle. I’m really interested in nutrition and would love to apply some of the things I read to my life. I think it would be helpful to talk about my experience here. Maybe it will help someone else too. The ultimate goal of working on my health is to lose weight and I plan on sharing my journey.
  2. Fashion. I studied fashion merchandising in college and now I sell automotive paint. I’d love for this to be an outlet for fashion. I still love it and need a reason to stay on top of things. Expect to see “what I wore” post often.
  3. Wedding/Being a bridesmaid. I was asked to be in three weddings last year. Everyone is getting married next year, so obviously this will be a major part of my life for the next two years. I’m certain my experiences will offer a lot to learn from.

I’m sure I’ll add things along the way. I’m really excited to get started!


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